After School Martial Arts

"Being in After School has allowed Henry to become more independent. It also helps him work on social skills as he has to learn how to get along with new kids and kids of different ages." ~ Kim

"Black Belt America has helped my son in so many ways. Before he was in this program, he dealt with bullying on a daily basis. Since he has started the After School program, I have seen significant improvement in his temper and attitude at home." ~ Samantha

Little Ninjas

"My 4 year old daughter has gotten better at taking turns, following directions, and listening to my husband and I since she started at Black Belt America. ~ Ashley


"Sonny has more confidence and is more sociable since he's been in karate. He has been doing well in school also. His teachers have noticed positive changes in the past year or two." ~ Nicole

"Karate is helping Timmy maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, teaching him respectful behavior, and reinforcing the work ethic he is developing at school." ~ Christina

"Kaz is learning to challenge himself and has greater self control. He is also learning how to be more helpful at home. We are very happy with Black Belt America's program and style of working with the children." ~ Katrina

"Black Belt America is benefiting Tommy in many ways! He's learning about persisting toward long-term goals. He's making new friends. He's developing flexibility and coordination. He really enjoys it and practices at home all the time. Most importantly, he's proud of himself!" ~ Greg

"Sam is getting stronger and gaining confidence in his physical fitness and in his interactions with others. He is passionate and dedicated!! His focus and respect continue to improve and he is 100% passionate about learning Martial Arts! BBA is great!" ~ Karla

"The daily lessons and tenets of Martial Arts are gradually helping and influencing Mariah to stay fit, knowledgeable, responsible and goal-oriented." ~Shareen

"My daughter is more confident in the things she does. She has better control of herself and her emotions." ~ Amanda

Our son has participated in Black Belt America since 5 years old. He is now 11 with a first degree black belt. Along with encouragement from Black Belt America instructors and Mr. Wideman, he gained confidence and independence that benefits him greatly as he starts middle school. I wish more programs provided such motivation to do your best and to show anything is possible." ~Ingrid

Black Belt America is giving our family support in raising a happy, self-confident child. ~ Silke

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