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5 Star Reviews


Years Of Excellence

Our Nationally Recognized Classes Are Age and Skill Appropriate!

Little Ninjas

  • Ages 3-4

    Our professional instructors follow fun, structured class plans that are appropriate for this age group. These nationally recognized classes focus on gross motor skills, listening skills, and learning in a group setting with other 3-4 year-old children.

  • We provide children with a fun and engaging way to stay physically active. The structured exercises, movements, and techniques taught in these classes help improve their coordination, balance, flexibility, and overall cardiovascular health.

  • Little Ninjas classes emphasize the importance of following instructions, respecting instructors and peers, and adhering to a structured routine. Children learn to concentrate on tasks at hand, which can translate to improved academic performance and better behavior in various settings.

  • Beyond physical skills, Little Ninjas classes focus on character development. Core values such as respect, honesty, integrity, and perseverance are consistently reinforced. Children are taught to handle conflicts peacefully, develop empathy, and make ethical choices. These qualities lay the groundwork for becoming responsible and well-rounded individuals as they grow into adulthood.

Little Champions

  • Ages 5-7
    This class is filled with enthusiastic, high-energy students! Physically they are developing balance, speed, and coordination. The nationally recognized system of advancement at provides a framework for students to learn to set goals. See their confidence grow as they achieve those goals! Students are also learning the respect and communication skills necessary to be successful at school…both with their teachers and their friends!

Youth Program

  • Ages 8-12

    Children enrolled in ’s nationally recognized program will learn the confidence to stand up to life’s challenges. Students can expect improvements in coordination, physical fitness, focus, and discipline. The martial arts instruction also offers valuable self-defense skills and increased focus. These age-specific classes allow students to build the skills necessary to become confident, strong, Black Belt Leaders! Children enrolled in Black Belt America nationally recognized program will learn the confidence to stand up to life's challenges. Students can expect improvements in coordination, physical fitness, focus, and discipline.

  • Our Youth program is highly effective for a child's development, offering a structured environment to learn discipline, focus, and respect. Through physical training and mental conditioning, this program helps improve their coordination, self-confidence, and ability to handle challenges. Additionally, the program fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, contributing positively to their overall physical and emotional growth.

  • Specially designed classes for 2-3-year-old kids.

  • Professional instructors follow fun, structured class plans.

  • Activities tailored for this age group.

  • Focus on exciting discovery stage.

  • Promote interaction with peers.

  • Suitable for young children's development

We Build Great Kids!

Check Out Our Nationally Recognized Program:

  • Instill values like leadership, discipline, and confidence through our program.

  • Enhance focus and concentration skills through martial arts training.

  • Foster self-confidence and positive self-image in children.

  • Promote physical fitness and improve strength and flexibility.

  • Cultivate discipline and respect through structured martial arts routines

  • Develop essential life skills like goal-setting, perseverance, and problem-solving

We want your child to be Happy, Healthy, and Safe. Our professional instructors will provide a nurturing environment that you and your child are going to love!

Choose the Best for Your Child By Choosing Black Belt America

  • Science and psychology-based child development center empowering holistic growth.

  • Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social Development: Tools for well-rounded development.

  • Life Skills: Confidence, leadership, discipline for reaching highest potential.

  • Path to Success: Guiding children towards a successful life.

  • Science and Psychology-Based: Evidence-based approach for optimal development.

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"We absolutely love Black Belt America!"

My son is 6 & has been attending for about 6 or 7 weeks. He already tested once & moved up I rank. All of the instructors are absolutely wonderful! They know my son, myself, & my husband when we walk in. They are willing to go above & beyond to help us or my child. My son has grown so much since attending & I would highly recommend to anyone

-Lacey Locke

"Absolutely love this


My son and daughter both have grown and learned so much! This child development center is the best!! The instructors are trained to work with all kinds of young ones! They do more than teach them martial arts, they teach them wonderful life skills that help them become better human beings and future leaders! I would recommend this to anyone looking for an outlet for their child!

-Amanda Senn

"Truly the best place for kids and adults to learn this discipline"

Truly the best place for kids and adults to learn this discipline. The staff is always professional and works great with all personalities. Instructors are dedicated to educating all levels and ages. My son could not be happier with his time here.

-Scott Snedeger

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We Build Safe, Happy, Healthy Leaders!

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Your FAQ Guide:

Got Questions? We've Got Answers! Discover Everything You Need to Know

Who are the instructors?

Our proudest achievement is the outstanding leaders that has produced. Under the direction of the owners and our Chief Instructor, these fine young people are highly motivated to help the kids of our community succeed at martial arts and in life!

Are the classes safe?

Absolutely! With OVER 35 years of experience teaching martial arts, and children in particular, our nationally-recognized program is known for safety protocols and safety record.

Can they bring a friend to class?

You bet. Most of our students come from referrals, Just ask the instructor for a Bring-a-Friend card and we’ll do the rest.

Are your classes separated by age?

Yes! We know that students of different ages are at different developmental stages. Not only are classes separated by age, but skill and experience level also. This ensures your child will be with other kids of similar age and experience.

What is the "Focus" of your classes?

Life Skills. While the kicking and punching skills are great exercise and a lot of fun for the kids to learn, it is even more important that they become Respectful, Confident Leaders in our community. is Madison’s B.E.S.T. Martial Arts School and focuses on Building Essential Skills Today!

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